About the VFC

The Visionary Futures Collective brings together humanists across the United States to tackle challenges relating to the present and future of higher education.

This group is made up of scholars of the humanities. Many, but not all of us have or are currently pursuing graduate degrees. Many, but not all of us work or study at universities. Some, but not most of us, are professors. All of us believe in the transformational power and vital importance of the humanities.

This group believes that the study of human history and cultural expression is essential to a more just and meaningful society. Our purpose is to create the conditions in which this work can thrive.

Read our mission statement here.

About the VFC’s COVID-19 Response Tracker

The VFC’s current focus is on the impact COVID-19 is having on college campuses and the students, staff, and community that surround them. We recognize that current policies put all of us at risk, and that they disproportionately impact those with disabilities, those in precarious, contingent, or low-wage positions, those experiencing financial insecurity, and people of color. We are using digital platforms, data collection and visualization, and storytelling resources to build community and solidarity and to help one another move from fear and anger into action.

Our current initiatives include data collection, mapping, and and timeline visualizations. Learn more about the project and our work here.

Subscribing to the APFN

The purpose of this newsletter is to build community, share feelings, generate hope, and create opportunities for collective action.

The action roundup is the most utilitarian part of the newsletter. We are collecting stories about actions people around the country are taking to create change in their communities. If you have an action you’d like to circulate, email us at visionarfuturescollective@gmail.com

Coyote & Bones is the most speculative feature of the newsletter. We are using tarot as a way to tell stories of hope about higher education. Our tarot cards were designed specifically for higher education by Claire Chenette. Our readings answer questions about surviving and thriving in uncertain times.

The feelings map is our data collection project. Each week we’re checking in with our community about your feelings, and using the information we gather to build solidarity and track changes on our campuses. We’ll share what we learn, and we’ll never collect or share your personal information. Learn more about our principles.

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