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💫 Friends, we’re so excited about this.

Our academic tarot deck is a collaboration among grad students, scholars, and artists. It’s our way of creating playful, regenerative spaces and compassionate communities to support workers in academia. 🔮

Help us bring this project to fruition by pledging early. If you pledge today, you’ll get a bonus gif that you can use as a lock screen on your phone!

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The academic tarot deck is a labor of love created by volunteers. 💕 Your pledge will go to cover the costs of paint, paper, cloth, thread, printing, and shipping. If we exceed our fundraising goal, any proceeds will go toward VFC's continued advocacy efforts and toward artists and scholars who are out-of-work due to COVID-19.

The power of art, humor, introspection, and a good tarot reading can help us regroup as we begin to forge better futures. Join us. 🌼

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